6 Week Tone From Home A complete programme inclusive of Mindset, Health, Nutrition Education and Live Fitness Classes

Change your life, increase your health and lose fat with 'Push With Ush Live'

The programme:

Get 5 Workouts a Week
(worth £125 per week)

Get 1 Stretch Session a Week
(worth £25 per week)

1 Live Q&A a Week
(worth £25 per week) 

50 Education Videos
(worth £150)

TOTAL Package Value: £1,200



(people who sign up in the last weekend:
1st & 2nd Aug)


This programme has been created to help females lose fat, build lean sexy muscle and simply feel incredible.

STOP spending £1000’s on PT sessions

STOP jumping on every fad diet out there

STOP yo-yo dieting

Instead, get the programme that has helped over 100+ women get the body they desire, fall in love with fitness and enjoy nutrition like never before!

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Tone From Home
On Time Bird


Previous Client Testimonials

8 Week Shred helped me focus on a good healthy lifestyle and start a new chapter for an ongoing healthy future. Ush was really knowledgable and help me set new foundations which were easy to follow. On this journey I lost 12lbs and 7.75 inches across my whole body… Which I think is amazing in 8 weeks!

Ush was highly supportive, encouraging and empathetic. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to start their health, fitness and mindset journey. The last 8 weeks were invaluable.

May 8, 2021

Graduating from Ush’s fitness programme has been life changing.
Not only did I achieve my short term goals of losing 6.1kg and fitting into a size 10… But I have also been able to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle where I now enjoy working out and eating a flexible diet, which means I still get ot enjoy my favourite foods now and again. Ush made me feel so comfortable with her and gave me great advice and knowledge throughout the programme. I can not recommend her enough!

May 8, 2021

After having my beautiful baby I felt like I wanted to get back into shape and feel more like myself. I decided to do Ush’s 8 Week Group Programme as it was affordable and seemed achievable.  I really enjoyed the educational side of the programme, not many people offer that, the nutrition was easy to manage and the fitness was fun, within a few weeks I was actually doing the gym workouts! (It gave me some me time!)  It’s given me focus and determination to get into shape so I can run around after my little boy. I feel stronger, healthier and happier and so glad I decided to give this a go!

May 8, 2021

I must admit I was a bit sceptical about an 8 week program. What happens at the end of 8 weeks I asked myself? I’m very happy to say I’m genuinely surprised at how much difference small changes and a little bit of effort can make and that’s all down to Ushi, her knowledge and her program. I thought I was eating reasonably healthily before the shred but i struggled to get the figure on the scales down. Ushi has shown me what I should be eating and it has educated me about what food groups to eat for both weight loss and to fuel work outs and low and behold the number on the scales is coming down (7lbs so far!). As a busy working mum the gym is not an option for me and the home work outs were quite tough to start off plus fitting them in around a busy lifestyle can be tricky but Ushi was always on hand to help either by pm or via the live sessions. I’m now a “work in progress” and I will continue my new eating habits and exercise plans. And THAT’S what happens at the end of 8 weeks!!!!

May 8, 2021

Do you struggle with...

Confusion: Knowing what diet to follow?
Yo-Yo Dieting and Weight Fluctuations?
Fitting into clothes you love, or buying new ones?
Energy and Concentration?
Knowing what exercises to do in the gym or at home?
Confidence in Social Situations?
Keeping Accountable?
This 6 Week Programme Can Change All Of That!

Why Work With Me?

I’ve been there, I’ve struggled with my weight, I used to weight 107kg and was s size 24.

I’ve tried and failed and every single diet out there, Keto, Atkins, Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Meal Replacements etc… And I’ve struggled with Bulimia.

Yes I lost weight on all of the above but it never stayed off.

It was only until I got educated, found weight training and calorie deficit that I actually WON!

I lost over 30kg and am now a size 14.

But the foundation to actually winning was MINDSET!

Now I’m sharing this with you!

I want you to WIN, I want you to stop struggling and yo-yo dieting and I want you to feel as healthy as I do!
And I want you to have my education (without paying the thousands I have!)

This group programme takes YOU on a 6 week transformation journey which includes MINDSET | NUTRITION | FITNESS

*please note this programme is not personalised and if you want 1-2-1 coaching then please click here

Tone From Home: What's in it for you?

Video Modules: Knowledge about Nutrition and Female Fat Loss
Private Facebook Group - Support & Accountability
Weekly Accountability Checkins
New Recipies including Indian recipies with Macros
Average Fat Loss of around 1-2lbs a week
Your Own Coach in Your Own Home

The Programme Includes...

Mindset Training Videos - The 1st Pillar of Health
Nutrition Knowledge Sessions - The 2nd Pillar of Health
LIVE TRAINING - The 3rd Pillar of Health
Private Facebook Group with LIVE Q&A's Each Week
8 Units with Over 50 knowledge and education videos
5 Live Sessions Each Week - also available On Demand in a Private FB Group
6 Weeks of Workouts to Take Away and Keep for Life

Are you ready to change your life?

We start Monday 3rd August

How do I sign up?

It’s easy, just click on the button below to get going, after sign up you’ll be sent an email with a welcome video and the next steps!

Tone From Home
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