Don't Just Take My Word For It...


I am so grateful to Ush for helping me on my journey to becoming fitter, healthier and slimmer! After yo-yo dieting for years after having 2 kids, I was desperate to be able to run around with them.
Ush helped me lose 8.9kg in 3 months, 8cm off my waist and a noticible 18cm off my hips through workouts and a food plan.
Ush’s motivation, guidance and support was amazing and she was always so positive when changes were slower some weeks and flexible in adapting workouts to suit me. As my energy levels continue to improve, I look forward to continuing my journey with Ush and feel she was the best at understanding my needs having followed the journey herself.

I highly recommend Ush as she helps keep you driven and inspired and most importantly makes it fun!



I was at a point where I had a muscular injury in my foot and walking for more than half an hour would cause my foot to be in pain the next morning. I also had a weak back and was in a vicious cycle of starting to walk:excercise and then back to square one and eating lots especially a second evening meal after dinner to quench my emotional feelings.
This is when I saw Ush comment on RecommendAsian and I like what she has said. I remember looking at her website and thinking she has been here herself. She knows the journey. Ush was also looking at healthy foods and excercise. Rather than looking to get skinny and quickly.
From the moment I spoke to Ush she made me feel at ease. She explained everything and catered the programme to me. When I felt the workout wasn’t working for me she would change the programme to incorporate some of my requests. Her weekly calls kept me on track. After finishing my 3 months I lost 18 cm and 2.7kg  but more importantly I’m eating healthier and am more mobile and I am regularly walking with more steps a day and going to the gym.
This is the greatest thing. I seriously didn’t know how I would get moving and stronger before the plan. Thanks Ush for your help and support.

K. Patel


8 Week Shred helped me focus on a good healthy lifestyle and start a new chapter for an ongoing healthy future. Ush was really knowledgable and help me set new foundations which were easy to follow. On this journey I lost 12lbs and 7.75 inches across my whole body… Which I think is amazing in 8 weeks!

Ush was highly supportive, encouraging and empathetic. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to start their health, fitness and mindset journey. The last 8 weeks were invaluable.



I started my fitness journey with Ush after having my second baby and finding it hard to return to my normal weight.
I wanted to have more energy and feel good about my body again. After Ush’s subtle questioning about my eating habits, I realised I had developed bad habits around eating my kids’ leftovers and my own unnecessarily large portion sizes. She helped me to rethink what and how I was eating in a way that worked for me and my lifestyle.

This was the same for the training. Because you talk to Ush every week, it’s easy to tailor the programme to your needs and change bits as you go along to get more out of it. I felt very motivated and supported by Ush to keep meeting my weekly training goals. After only a few weeks I could see and feel the difference, I lost 4kg and 17 cm across my body and I feel so much stronger and more confident.
I have all the tools now to create my own home workouts and am enjoying feeingl healthy, happy and fit.

Gilly C


Graduating from Ush’s fitness programme has been life changing.
Not only did I achieve my short term goals of losing 6.1kg and fitting into a size 10… But I have also been able to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle where I now enjoy working out and eating a flexible diet, which means I still get ot enjoy my favourite foods now and again. Ush made me feel so comfortable with her and gave me great advice and knowledge throughout the programme. I can not recommend her enough!

Bhavisha R

Rita M

“I’ve started a number of downloadable programs which incorporate a lot of HiiT training but I never really felt good after and I would put the weight back on. I then found Ush who inspired me to change the way I trained and gave me guidance on my nutrition. Her one 2 one coaching program is more than that, it’s Ush with you every step of the way. The weekly check in’s and the fact I can text her whenever I have a question is exactly the kind of accountability I need. Her belief in me has helped me change my thought process and I’m shaping up like never before.

The photo you see here is only a 3 week difference, I still have 9 to go and can’t wait to see how I look and feel then! I’m so happy Ush got me back into the gym and lifting weights!”

Rita M

Neelu B

I began my road to 40 last summer and I could not have asked for a better travel companion. Nobody said it was going to be easy, but nothing worth having ever is.

Having Ush in my life has not only got my back on the path of fitness, it’s improved my confidence and helped me make sustainable lifestyle changes that will help me stay stronger for longer.

I don’t have a lot of weight to lose but the compositional changes I’ve seen have amazed me, I can also lift much heavier now and that to me feels powerful.

Neelu B


After having my beautiful baby I felt like I wanted to get back into shape and feel more like myself. I decided to do Ush’s 8 Week Group Programme as it was affordable and seemed achievable.  I really enjoyed the educational side of the programme, not many people offer that, the nutrition was easy to manage and the fitness was fun, within a few weeks I was actually doing the gym workouts! (It gave me some me time!)  It’s given me focus and determination to get into shape so I can run around after my little boy. I feel stronger, healthier and happier and so glad I decided to give this a go!

Paanisha D


I definitely, 100% recommend Ush at Ush Push Fitness. I used to be so afraid of personal trainers, afraid of being pushed too far, but I have to say Ush is by far hands down the best. I didn’t k ow food, what foods are good what are bad, I lacked motivation and drive, and have always led a busy lifestyle but was always always so tired. Ush introduced me to a new way of eating, healthy foods, i enjoy my food now and dont feel like I’m on a diet, which let’s face it, when you’re on a diet and restrict yourself it becomes more tempting. My food now, with Ush’s help is nutritious, healthy and filling. Exercise was never my thing, other than walking my dog, but Ush takes into account what you can and cannot do and produces a work out plan that works for you. I’ve lost 30lbs so far and still have more to go to reach my goal, but I see myself getting there. No achievement is too small or insignificant, she’s motivating and will boost your confidence, making you want to do better. I hated the thought of before and after pictures but it’s an amazing boost when you see all the changes. I couldn’t have gotten as far as I have so far without her. Its been a fun, journey with lots to learn and it’s all thanks to Ush.

Thanks Ush, love ya Gurl…



I must admit I was a bit sceptical about an 8 week program. What happens at the end of 8 weeks I asked myself? I’m very happy to say I’m genuinely surprised at how much difference small changes and a little bit of effort can make and that’s all down to Ushi, her knowledge and her program. I thought I was eating reasonably healthily before the shred but i struggled to get the figure on the scales down. Ushi has shown me what I should be eating and it has educated me about what food groups to eat for both weight loss and to fuel work outs and low and behold the number on the scales is coming down (7lbs so far!). As a busy working mum the gym is not an option for me and the home work outs were quite tough to start off plus fitting them in around a busy lifestyle can be tricky but Ushi was always on hand to help either by pm or via the live sessions. I’m now a “work in progress” and I will continue my new eating habits and exercise plans. And THAT’S what happens at the end of 8 weeks!!!!

Katy P

Shalini P

I worked with Ush on a tailored four week program and she really was inspirational. She gave me all the support I needed and was only a message away if I slipped up and needed someone to help me get back on track. Ush worked out my calorie and protein intake on a daily basis and when I struggled she helped me work out an alternative plan. I couldn’t get to the gym so once again she amended my plan. I had a weekly chat with her which helped keep me on track as I knew I was accountable to someone. I saw some really good results losing 2 kg and over 8cm from my body (even though I went on a holiday one week). Working with Ush worked for me because it really is about being flexible and still being able to enjoy food and life.



I came across UshPush On Instagram and was completely inspired by her fitness journey – I’ve always been on the curvier side because I love my food so much and have had a gym membership for as long as i can remember but stuck to aimless cardio or fitness classes like Pilates maybe once a week at best
After speaking with Ush about her programmes had me intrigued to find out more and within about 5 mins of getting off the phone to her I’d decided I was ready to start my fitness journey – completely spontaneous decision but I decided I would work towards being in shape for my birthday holiday.

The difference in 12 weeks has been incredible! From the start I wasn’t so interested in actual weight loss but rather wanted to tone up my body and just feel good. ! In 12 weeks I have lost a stone and probably in the best shape I have ever been! Now I’m motivated to keep going. I feel good and confident in my skin! I’m toning in the right places which is exactly what I wanted! Thanks Ush.


Katy Lake

I came to Ush with the goal of toning up and feeling healthier, I spent 4 months being coached on my mindset, exercise and nutrition. One of the first things Ush said to me was “I don’t think you eat enough” so this made me focus on food and fuel. I was so surprised that I could eat chocolate cake and still lose 52cm across my whole body. The other surprise was that I only lost 1lbs yet my whole shape changed! I never stand on the scales now!

Ush has set me up with the knowledge, foundations and mindset to enable me to create my own workout plans and keep track of my nutrition. I love the fact I had 24/7 contact with Ush whenever I needed it, nothing was ever a silly question and that she created a personalised programme for me which was flexible! Also it was te same cost as a 1 hour PT session but I felt like I got so much more out of it! I 100% recommend Online Coaching with Ush!

Katy L